Due to our rural location in the middle of the river landscape, our kitchen brigade is inspired by the season. In addition, we literally reap the fruits of the fruit orchards from the surrounding region.

The classic French cuisine is the basis for the cooking style of the Veerhuis. Under the direction of Jaap-Willem Venendaal, our kitchen team mainly works with fresh ingredients.

Our dishes are authentic, traditional and of a tried and tested recipe. Like our ‘fried egg Veerhuis’: a fried egg like a fried egg should be. Or try our delicious pancakes. Favourite with many of our guests are our traditional French onion soup, grandma’s fishbowl, a classically prepared sole or a beautiful tournedos.

-Menu Card-

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Lunch Menu


Tomato soup 6.00
Traditional onion soup 6.00
Soup of the day 6.00


Chefs Salad 12.50
Caesar Salad 9.50
Goat Cheese Salad 9.50

Lunch Dishes

Fried egg Veerhuis (Ham, cheese, bacon and mushrooms) 9.50
Fried egg Ham 7.50
Fried egg Cheese 7.50
Ham/Cheese Fried egg 8.50
Two croquettes with bread 7.50
Two croquettes with fries 7.50
Plate fries 3.75
Hamburger ‘t Veerhuis 16.50
Pasta Pomodoro and Parmesan 11.50


Natural 6.00
Apple or bacon or cheese or ham 7.50
Extra Topping 1.00
Ham/cheese or Apple/raisins 8.50


Healthy 7.50
Smoked Salmon 10.50
Brie with walnuts 9.75
Minced spicy 7.50
Carpaccio 9.75

Toasted Sandwiches

Croque Monsieur 7.50
Croque Madame 8.50
Ham and Cheese 5.00
Salmon and goat cheese 7.50


Dame Blanche 5.50
Sorbet 6.50
Coupe ‘t Veerhuis 6.50
Belgian waffle with vanilla ice cream, strawberry and whipped cream 6.00
Ice coupe 5.50
Homemade curd cheese with summer fruit, honey and vanilla ice cream 6.50

Pastry Showcase

Fresh Apple Pastry 3.50
Fresh apple pastry with whipped cream 4.00
Strawberries Bavarois 3.75
Cherry cream pastry with almond paste 3.75
Lemon Meringue Pastry 3.75

Dinner Menu

From 18:00 hours


Shelf with break bread, basil oil and pesto 6.00
Soup of the day 6.00
French Onion soup 6.00
Tomato soup 6.00
Mushroom jar from the oven 8.50
Traditional smoked Salmon 12.50
Classic Shrimp Cocktail 12.50
Carpaccio ‘t Veerhuis 11.00
Homemade Paté 10.00
Coburger Ham with melon 8.50


Vegetarian main Dish 17.50
Fish bowl on Grandma’s Way 16.50
Scottish salmon fillet with Dijon mustard cream sauce 18.50
Tuna 26.50
Whole sole baked in cream butter daily price
Surf and Turf, the best of land and sea 24.50
Hamburger ‘t Veerhuis 16.50
Mixed BBQ Grill 19.50
Dutch Pork Tenderloin 19.50
Entrcote 24.50
Dutch Tournedos 26.50

Exra’s: Pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, Gorgonzola sauce, fresh salad or fries €2.50

We serve your main dishes seasonal vegetables and a potato preparation


Dame Blanche 7.50
Coupe ‘t Veerhuis 7.50
Red Velvet Cake 8.50
Creme Brulee 8.50
Chocolate Moelleux 8.50
Cheese platter with a glass of red port 10.50

In closing:

Irisch Coffee, D. O. M Coffee, French Coffee, etc… 7.50


Hot drinks

All coffee preparations can also be served decaffeinated.

Coffee 2.50
Cappuccino 2.75
Espresso 2.50
Double Espresso 4.50
Coffee with milk 2.75
Espresso Macchiato 2.75
Latte Macchiato 3.25
Tea 2.50
Fresh mint Tea 3.00
Fresh Ginger Tea 3.00
Hot Chocomel 2.75
Warm Chocomel with whipped cream 3.25
Irish-/Frensh-/Spanish-/DOM-/Rudesheimer Coffee 6.75

Soft drinks

Spa Red/SPA Blue 2.50
Cola/Cola Light/Sinas/7-UP 2.50
Tonic/Cassis/Bitter Lemon/Ice Tea 2.75
Ice Tea Green/Ginger Ale Rivella 2.75
Fristi/Chocomel 2.75
Buttermilk/Milk 2.25
Fresh Orange Juice 3.50
Tomato Juice 3.00
Apple Juice 2.50

Wines by the Glass

White wine 3.95

Sweet white wine 3.95
(Moscato/Old cape/Mosel)

Red wine 3.95

Rosé 3.95
Prosecco 5.50

Seasonal wine

J’adore by James Arth
Côtes de Gascogne (Aromatic & Fresh) 4.50
Bordeaux (Spicy & Fruity) 4.50
Bergerac (Elegant & Fruity) 4.50

For wine other than our house wines we will gladly give you our wine list


Ballentines 4.50
Johnny Walker Red Label 4.75
Johnny Walker Black Label 5.00
Famous Grouse 4.50
Glenfiddich 6.00
Four Roses 4.50
Jameson 5.00
Chivas Regal 6.00
Jack Daniels 5.00


Port/Sherry/Martini 3.50
Campari 3.50
Pernod 4.50
Crodino 3.00
KIRR 4.50
Kirr Royal 6.50

Cognacs VS

Joseph Guy/Courvoisier 4.75
Martell/Remy Martin 4.75

Cognacs VSOP

Joseph Guy/Hennesy 5.75
Remy Martin 5.75
Armagnac 5.75
Calvados 5.75


Grand Marnier/Cointreau/Tia Maria 4.75
DOM Bènédectine/Drambuie 4.75
Samuca/Amaretto/Baileys 4.75


Young Gin 3.50
Old gin/Corenwijn/Vieux 4.00
Beerenburger/Berries Jenever 3.50
Schrobbelèr 3.50
Lawyer 2.75
Vodka/Gin/Bacardi/Jägermeister 4.50

Beer & Bites


Duke Jan (draught) small/medium/Large 2.50/3.50/5.50

Seasonal Draught Beer 3.75

Heineken Old Brown 3.00
A dark beer with a refined and somewhat sweet taste.

Radler 2.0 3.00
A double refreshing mix of Amstel beer and lemon juice.

Hoegaarden 4.00
An unfiltered white beer which is refermented on the bottle and therefore has a cloudy color.

Palm 4.00
A refreshing amber beer of high fermentation with a unique character full flavour.

La Chouffe 4.00
The gnomes of the valley of the fairies hold the most of this golden beer with its light hoppy flavor.

La Chouffe Cherry 4.00
Red Fruity beer with a slight turn where the gnomes of the Valley of Fairies are crazy for.

Duvel 4.00
A rugged and sturdy beer which is refermented on the bottle and has a fine subtle flavour.

Westmalle Double 4.00
A dark red-brown beer brewed under the supervision of monks.

Westmalle Tripel 4.00
An amber coloured beer brewed under the supervision of monks.

Leffe Blond 4.00
An authentic blond Abbey beer that hints at a hint of bitterness.

Leffe Brown 4.00
An authentic dark Abbey beer with a deep autumn brown colour and a full light sweet taste.

Jupiler 0.0 3.00
A refreshing alcohol-free beer.

Radler 0.0 3.00
A double refreshing alcohol-free mix of Amstel beer and lemon juice.


100 Peanuts 2.50
Mixed Nuts 2.50
Dutch cheese with Doesburgse mustard 4.50
Old Dutch cheese with Doesburgse mustard 5.50
Serving Salami 4.50
Portion Marinated Olives 4.00
Dried Regional Sausage 5.00
Liver sausage with Doesburgse mustard 5.50
8 Bitter balls with mustard 6.50
12 Bitter balls with mustard 8.50
Fries of sweet potato with guacamole dip 5.50
Kipfingers with honey mustard sauce 8.00
Bread board with herb butter, pesto and extra virgin olive oil 6.00
Mini spring rolls and Samosa with sweet & sour sauce 6.50
Cheese sticks with spicy sauce 7.50
Bruschetta’s with tomato, anchovy cream cheese, basil and dried ham 8.50
Gratin Nachos with Guacamole 8.50
Bitter garnish Cold 9.50
Bitter garnish Warm 9.50
Mixed hot and cold bitter garnish for two persons 14.50



The following arrangement is only available upon reservation.
Dietary wishes please indicate your reservation.


Strolling Package

€12.50 p.p.

Lovely stroll through the floodplains with the start and finish Hotel restaurant’t Veerhuis.
Before departure: Cup of coffee and apple pie with whipped cream.
After returning: Cup soup, waldkornbrood healthy, orange juice, milk or buttercream.


High Tea

From 10 persons, €20.00 p.p.

Various types of teas (unlimited)
Clodded Cream
English Marmalade
Various sandwiches
Savory cake
Scrambled eggs


Brunch’t Veerhuis

Every Sunday from 11.00 to 15.00 hours. From 10 persons, €22.50 p. P
Children up to 10 years old have a children’s brunch, €15.00
For a group of 15 people, brunch is served buffet style.

Cup of Soup
Various cold and warm treats
Including coffee, tea, milk or orange juice


Restaurant 't Veerhuis in Wamel
Restaurant 't Veerhuis in Wamel
Restaurant 't Veerhuis in Wamel

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